12 Health Conditions That Can Disguise Themselves as Other Diseases

experts say that In over 40% of cases, doctors make incorrect diagnoses. This mostly happens because many symptoms can signify different diseases, and sometimes it’s very difficult to reveal the right one.

We have collected the foremost common conditions which will be disguised as something


12. Lyme disease vs flu

This disease is understood for the bullseye rash that appears when an individual gets infected after getting bit by a tick. However, there are some cases that pass without this rash. Instead, patients can have symptoms like body aches, fever, and fatigue, all of which doctors usually find yourself diagnosing because the flu.
A biopsy can’t tell tons during this case, because the body doesn’t start to develop antibodies that signal this condition until after 2 weeks. So, if doctors suspect Lyme disease , they’re going to offer you a one-time antibiotic that forestalls the long-term effects of it.

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