Ski Mask Reacts To Justin Bieber Replacing Him On ‘Running Over’ With Lil Dicky

before we begin huge shout out to Madison beer tame impala and a bogey, they also released new music and it’s juego.
but anyway let’s start with Justin Bieber and his comeback project changes the album is full of I love my wife lyric Sanjay be revealed to Apple music he’ll continue to talk about his relationship in future music.
so in other words don’t be surprised when he and chance the rapper toss their keys into a bowl I mean make a collab album about their wives.
but alright let’s stick with Jaime’s album because he’s getting flack for changing changes, so apparently Justin Rob ski mask of his feature on the track running over and replaced him with a little dickie, since the release fans have been all over twitter slamming jb over the decision and it seems like ski mask has taken notice.
the rapper tweeted LMAO love my supporters to billy Eilish now vogue got a robot to ask her questions and i quickly made me realize that judgment is really upon us, but let’s put my fears aside and talk about some of Billy’s answers. during the first question Billy revealed that she wishes she could have worked at Jamba Juice and Trader Joe’s at one point in her life.
and interestingly enough she doesn’t care to be anonymous either Billy explains she wants disguise herself to get dinner and realize people treated her better when they knew it was her, but like if you’re a way of being incognito is to dress like the Invisible Man then you can’t be surprised when people think you’re something sketchy.
but anyway Billy says she doesn’t take the love for granted and enjoys being herself in public now
okay Billy also spoke with a human – recently Zane Lowe dropped two new beats one interview with the pop superstar and got the scoop on her Oscars performance as well as her new single for the 25th Bond film no time to die.
Billy told Zane she was sick Juan’s day to the Oscars and explained that she thought she bombed because of it, Billy also revealed the event made her super nervous she said the Oscars is not my people at least the Grammys wasn’t as scary because it was like artists , and when it comes to no time to die Billy told Z that she and Phineas joked about making a bond song two years ago how surreal was to be presented with the opportunity she said it was more collaborative than you think actually which I was surprised by because I thought it would just be like here’s the song and they would take it and what happened