Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott are apparently dating again. Plus, Blac Chyna reacts to Oscar attendees shading her and shares a sonogram.

starting with blac Chyna and the Oscars recall after she stepped on the red carpet people were wondering why she was in attendance?
well China is not feeling many of the comments made about her TMZ reports that she feels demeaned after seeing everyone questioned why she attended Hollywood’s biggest night.
according to the site China thinks it’s racism in a nutshell and she more than deserved to be there, the site also reports while she attended with a music producer China secured her own invite she wasn’t someone’s plus-one .
on a Kim Kardashian possibly calling it quits when it comes to having more kids, despite being open to having more children the mobile revealed on Laura Watchers podcast she’s already stressed with raising four she has now.
Kim revealed how important it is for her to give everyone in the family attention and how she’s super focused on becoming a lawyer right now.
Kim also joked about how she’s still hounding her mom daily and this alone makes her hesitate to expand the family.
but aren’t going back to Oscars night we got some car Jenner drama, that’s right Khloe just revealed on Twitter her and Kylie’s nights were ruined by Kourtney Kardashian ,Khloe also doubled down in Courtney’s Instagram comments saying we’re still mad at you we didn’t forget .
we’re not sure what happened or if it’ll even be covered on Keeping Up, all I know is Khloe withholding the TE should be some sort of crime. do we think Kourtney hooked up with Brad.
anyway while Khloe revealed her night with Ty Lee was ruined it seems like there is some good news for the lipcott mogul Entertainment Tonight reveals Kylie and Travis’s relationship seems to be improving again. the site claims the two were seen spending some time together at the event and are in love again. Kylie and Travis feel like they need to re-evaluate some things but in general they’re ridden proving.
adding to those people Mac reports another reason why Travis and Kylie might not go public with their relationship is because they don’t want a public back-and-forth while the mag states they’re happy it also says the flame was allah pissed about Kylie hanging out with Drake, apparently he wasn’t thrilled hearing that Kylie was hanging out with other guys in general.
however Travis can’t be too mad as he and Drake were spotted hanging out together at a Nike Show during New York Fashion.