Kourtney Kardashian Reacts To Khloe Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Shade After Oscars Party

let’s start with the celeb who’s not gonna get ton of love right now blac chyna ,after dealing up fans questioning her appearance at the Oscars she decided to reveal she’s pregnant .
Chyna posted and deleted a sonogram to Instagram captioned blessed 20/20, people were losing their minds however we reached out to China’s Rabb who informed us that she’s not pregnant, and the Oscar for the most random post in the lead in 20/20 goes to let’s move on to kendall Jenner now because she just revealed which car Jenner is the most fashionable, kenny spoke to pop in the morning and says that North has the most drip and she’s even beginning the style herself and create outfits.
it makes sense considering her parents are Kimye and she’s one of the older kids in the family, but hold up there’s more Northwest News Kim appeared on her attorney Laura Watchers podcast and opened up about a terrifying moment when she was pregnant with her first daughter.
during a check-up a doctor actually told Kim there was no heartbeat and she suffered a miscarriage by the grace of God during another checkout the doctor heard North’s heartbeat what a scary situation to be in.
well then to something much later Kim spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the Vanity Fair Oscars party and revealed North has a tick-tock now.
however it’s private this is a disservice to the world Kimberly hashtag released the tick-tocks.
speaking of Oscar parties recall Khloe Kardashian called out Kourtney for ruining her in Kylie’s nights with Hollywood’s biggest stars Khloe not only share this info on Twitter but she also expressed her disappointment in the comment section of Kourtney’s Instagram pic.
well Kourtney clap back at Khloe’s saying why are you so obsessed with me?
she also shared a photo of Koko captioned date night even though she ditched me halfway through ,Chloe didn’t hesitate to chime in again by commenting I’m still not feeling you gluten fraud.