Cardi B Responds To Second Pregnancy Rumors

let’s start with rowdy rich the up-and-coming rapper has been killing it on his European tour but now he might get banned from London.
Mirror UK reports that Ronnie’s fans got into a scuffle near the end of his show and three people were apparently stabbed, rowdy revealed on Twitter because of the incident saying I’m sorry to my UK fans but because of the incident they are trying to ban me from ever coming back stabbings don’t just happen at rap shows in London they’re a huge problem for the city and even is yours Elba has come out asking people to stop the violence .

on a possible adverse yellow wolf yellow wolf went after post G easy and MGK and the new Track Club Bloody Sunday, in regards to post he says at post Malone just because let’s see if he answers back all that blah blah not gonna say that.
Yelawolf then calls him a poser a appropriation thief and says post is his son , post has now fired back on Twitter basically saying that yellow Wolf’s music is garbage and he’s a nerd, on a Cardi B because she trolled fans last night during the Instagram and Facebook shutdown on Twitter cardi had the bright idea to let fans know there was a special surprise on her Instagram page , and of course people freaked out because they couldn’t see what it was.

but re it seems like some fair payback because fans have been harassing cardi about her suppose in a week game , I say suppose it because cardies body has been looking incredible lately and she’s looking very thin so I’m just as confused as she is.
anyway fans have been teasing her non-stop claiming she’s hiding baby number two and she finally addressed the rumors tweeting Barty gang is harassing me because I’m gaining weight again I might have to pull a tampon out of my whoo-ha so you can stop.