Ariana Grande Caught Kissing New Man and Hailey Bieber attends the Vanity Fair Oscar’s party without Justin Bieber.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth according to TMZ the exes were spotted attending the same pre Oscars party ,Hollywood might have the biggest stars but the town is still super small.
also for those wondering their divorce doesn’t become final until February 22nd .on to Justin Bieber because he left Haley alone at the Oscars Vanity Fair party in LA . yes while Hayley partied it up during Hollywood’s biggest night Jamie decided to stay in New York City instead so he could play hockey.
TMZ reports Jamie rented out an ice hockey rink in Central Park so he and some friends could kick it or puckett ,Halley looked phenomenal though that’s the real news here and she also took a pic with Jerry from cheer .
from Justin to jennifer lopez because she and a-rod reportedly had dinner with some ex royals, according to page six they all wined and dined at the one hotel restaurant in South Beach Miami after attending a JPMorgan billionaires summit, the site claims the event included a speech from Harry where he discussed their decision to leave the UK.
apparently the two were paid around five hundred thousand dollars plus expenses for the gig, regarding the dinner Harry and Meghan got on really well with gen Alex and apparently the singer was overheard inviting the couple and their baby Archie to their Miami home.
to another royal surprise Nicki Minaj opened up on Queen radio and spoke about Meghan and Harry ,on the radio show Nikki applauded Prince Harry and Meghan Markel for leaving the royal family saying kudos to Harry real men always say happy wife happy life it’s so attractive and turns me on it’s like put your woman first and make sure she’s happy with what happened with Princess Diana we don’t need a rerun and if you’re being bullied in the media then by God he should support you and getting the ass up out of there.
but okay the smooch ville population Ariana and some mystery man TMZ reports ariana grande was spotted locking lips with one John Doe and bar Louie in Northridge California.
the site or she went to the bar with friends around 1:00 a.m. and Arianna apparently just had water so it seems like she was wearing a rose-colored glasses without the assistance of beer goggles.
the site also reports Arianna didn’t just play tongue tag with the mystery man she was also talking other people around her she even requested the DJ to stop playing her songs because she didn’t want to hear her own music all night.