Amber Rose Reveals How Kobe Bryant Death Inspired New Tattoo and Nicki Minaj upsets sensitive people.

let’s kick this one off with some tattoo talk LA rapper the game paid homage to the late Kobe Bryant this week and added a new tattoo his collection, game got a sideways eight with Kobe’s autograph over his right eye.
why is the eight sideways well it’s similar to infinity and symbolizes Kobe forever, and feom face tattoos Amber Rose got one recently on her forehead the model opened up on one-on-one with Keyshia Cole and revealed Kobe’s death made her reflect on how short life is.
she said she’d been wanting a tat for a long time and decided to just do it and live her best life.
but alright if you found yourself tossing and turning last night wondering how cardi’s next album is coming along I’ve got some good news for you a fan tweeted at the Bronx rapper and asked are you pregnant with that album though ? cardi replied “yeah I’m five hits pregnant”.

moving on to ynw Mellie’s ex attorney Bradford Cohen Cohen who currently represents Kodak black to Instagram to say “this will be a very interesting trial I’m no longer representing Melly in this matter but I predict a not guilty based on all the evidence I’ve reviewed”.